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Information for grantees

Grant Terms and Conditions

If you are offered a grant by the Prudence Trust, you will receive a Grant Agreement letter outlining what the grant is for, the amount, funding period, and any associated conditions. This will be accompanied by our Grant Terms and Conditions. You should confirm that you wish to accept our grant as soon as possible by returning the declaration form that is attached to your Grant Agreement letter.


Grant Payments

Grants will be paid after we have received your signed declaration form and confirmed your bank details.

One-year grants or the first year of a multi-year grant will typically be paid towards the start of your Grant Period. We make grant payments every other month and will schedule your payment for the next available payment run. Future payments will be made annually from that date (unless agreed otherwise) and are subject to satisfactory reporting.



We ask all grant holders to keep us updated via regular reporting. We value openness and want to hear about problems as well as successes. We use these reports in several ways, including to learn from your work, to meet our own due diligence responsibilities, and to determine whether your grant period or payment schedule needs adapting.

We would like you to complete an online form which is personalised to you and your grant. We will send you a link shortly before your report is due and you can use the Word versions of the form below to plan your answers. 


Acknowledging support

If you wish to acknowledge the support of the Prudence Trust in any publicity, display, or documentation, the wording and format should be approved by us in advance.

The Prudence Trust - investing in the advancement of young people’s mental health services

Having worked in mental health for many years, I know the importance of getting evidence on what works, and doesn’t, to enable people to cope with and overcome the debilitating effects of mental ill health.

Bharat Mehta
Member of the Prudence Trust Mental Health Advisory Panel