Our impact

The Mix

The Mix offers a complete journey of support for children and young people on any and every issue, including mental health.

The Mix

What they do

Their ‘one stop shop’ offers free and confidential information and advice via their website, online chat with experts, peer and group support, helpline and virtual one-to-one counselling services.

Why we work with them

We recognise the increasing demand for services such as those offered by the Mix and are impressed by this energetic and growing organisation. Their digital approach enables them to support young people at scale and reach diverse communities which fits our aim to deliver more support for young people when they need it.

The Mix

The Mix is a crucial service as it offers immediate support for those who have nowhere else to turn; the breadth of services The Mix has to offer ensures that there is a suitable option for every young person. Every young person who uses these services is not only listened to and supported, but is empowered in their journey.

Ellie, 19