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Our vision is for a world where no young person is owned or defined by their mental illness and where they have access to the personalized support they need, at the right time. We want to be part of the solution that successfully advances better mental health for all young people.

What we do

The Prudence Trust is a grant-making charity, established in 2020, investing in the advancement of young people’s mental health services and research in the UK.

Who we are - The Prudence Trust

We invest in research and services

We invest in research and services addressing both preventive and curative mental health treatments, with a specific focus on social interventions, such as creativity and the arts, and their value to wellbeing.

We particularly focus on supporting young people from disadvantaged groups.

Funding priorities

We search for high impact projects

As grant-makers we are demanding in our search for high-impact projects and ambitious with our investments. We are willing to support innovative approaches which address long-standing issues related to young people’s mental health.

Our expert advisors ensure our funding decisions are well-informed and measured and we continually learn from, and are inspired by, those on the frontline.

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Prudence Trust - Who we are
Prudence Trust build long term partnerships

We build long term partnerships

We know that change, particularly in the field of young people’s mental health, often takes a long time and so we aim to build long-term relationships with both our grantees and other grant-makers.

We also seek to fund research which can subsequently be translated into positive practice.

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Prudence Trust - Who we are

Very few people now doubt the importance of mental health and illness to individuals, families and society. What makes the Prudence Trust different is that they want to help build  the evidence to decide what to do and, what not to do.

Prof Sir Simon Wessely
Member of the Prudence Trust Mental Health Advisory Panel