Our impact

Oxfordshire Youth

Oxfordshire Youth supports local youth organisations and young people with training, advocacy, advice, and networking.

Group of youth leaders.

What we fund

A programme of support for professional and volunteer youth workers, tailored to each individual’s level of experience.

Why we work with them

We want to see youth workers thrive and build their careers in this vital sector. If youth organisations retain and support their staff and volunteers, youth services can continue to be effective part of the community around young people.

A grouth of youths who have been rafting

” … a game-changer. By investing in an innovative approach to addressing the needs of youth workers to be resilient, and mentally and emotionally supported, the Prudence Trust is recognising the significance of the role youth workers play in delivering preventative work that changes young people’s lives.”

Director of Innovation and Growth and Deputy CEO- Emmy O’Shaughnessy