Our impact

Dulwich Picture Gallery
and Tessa Jowell Health Centre

Dulwich Picture Gallery, founded in 1811 was the world’s first purpose-built art gallery. The Tessa Jowell Health Centre, named after the area’s late MP, was founded in 2020 with funding for an arts strategy in place. Together they are delivering an innovative participatory arts programme in a clinical environment.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

What they do

The partnership seeks to address the significant health inequalities in the local community through engagement in arts and creativity. New artwork is being commissioned for the centre, a programme of arts activities is being delivered, together with social prescribing to local activities.

Why we work with them

This project is an exciting new development in which an arts organisation is working in partnership with a healthcare provider to embed arts activities in the health of the local population with a focus on social prescribing. We were impressed that an arts institution would play such a leadership role in social prescribing in their community and with a commitment to evaluation and sharing.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

I want to continue to try and meet new people and develop closer friendships with people I could meet on a more regular basis – real life social networks!

Tessa Jowell Health Centre service user