Our impact

Core Arts

Core Arts is a mental health creative education centre based in Hackney, East London.

Core Arts

What they do

They promote recovery, social inclusion and mental wellbeing through the arts and offer over 80 classes a week in arts, music, multimedia, gardening and sport.

Why we work with them

We believe that life can be enhanced by the arts and are interested in the role that creative activities can play in recovering from and managing mental illness. We are impressed by the high-quality experience offered by Core Arts’ professional tutors and their proven track record of improving the mental health of their members.

The Prudence Trust - investing in the advancement of young people’s mental health services

My Guitar course and Creative Writing course have been the prompt I needed to start being creative again. My initial goal was to find coping strategies to manage my mental health better and I feel this has definitely happened, as I now feel motivated to do things that help me to feel better.

Creative Writing and Music member