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Advice to invited applicants

Thank you for your interest in the Prudence Trust. Our small team isn’t able to manage speculative grant applications and this guidance is for organisations who have been invited to apply for funding. If you have read our funding priorities and would like to tell us about your work, please do so here.

How to apply

Application form: Complete our online application form using the personalised link that we will send you and upload a short case for support.  Your invitation to apply should include information on what and how much to apply for, and the deadline for submission. If not, please contact us for advice.

We recommend planning your application answers before completing it online. You can use this Word version of our application form to help you.

Meeting or visit: We will arrange a mutually convenient time for a meeting or visit so that we can learn more about your organisation and discuss your funding needs in more detail. This meeting is likely to involve at least one of our trustees. We may request additional information after the meeting.

Funding decision: All funding applications are reviewed by our trustees. We will let you know when to expect a decision. 

After a grant has been awarded: our grant terms and conditions and reporting requirements are available.

Grant assessment principles

We are guided by the following principles when deciding who and what to fund:

  1. We prioritise organisations and projects that align with our interests and strategic aims: advancing young people’s mental health services and research. See more information on our funding priorities.
  2. We want to build relationships by
    • working with organisations that have effective leadership and good governance
    • partnering with charities who can demonstrate the positive impact their work has
    • supporting organisations and activities that are financially sustainable and are likely to have a life beyond our grant
  3. We aim to increase knowledge by
    • funding projects that will enable us to learn from experts and experience of all kinds (academic, professional and personal), particularly through visiting programmes and meeting the people involved
    • supporting organisations that have an appetite to increase the evidence of what works and why, and how they might achieve even greater impact
    • prioritising organisations that are committed to sharing what they learn
    • backing talented people to discover more
  4. We hope our grants will be transformative by
    • funding projects that have a significant positive impact on young people’s lives
    • trying innovative approaches to long-standing problems
    • looking for solutions which can be scaled up
    • working with frontline organisations to advance their work whilst avoiding duplication
    • helping organisations at pivotal moments to progress


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